Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beware! One makeup, Make Face Looks Old.

Make Up make every woman want to always look young and beautiful. But be careful, error
makeup can actually make you look older than actual age. There's a good idea to know a mistake when dressing up can make you look older so you can avoid it, as follows:

1. The Foundation is too thick, the Foundation is too heavy or too thick makeup is long-abandoned. Because the makeup 'menor' can make someone look older.
2. Foundation does not match the color, base or foundation powder whose color does not match the color of your skin, it can highlight wrinkles on your face. Choose a foundation that resembles your skin color or one older than skin color to disguise wrinkles.
3. Too much concealer under the eyes, As usua increases, the skin under the eyes reduced thickness, providing too much concealer and thick will not make it look very natural. Try to spread it thin and moderation, or applied with a brush. Brushes can more evenly distribute the color, just in the dark under the eyes, do not need the entire eye area.

4. The use of powder in the crease, apply powder around the nose, chin, and upper cheek bone to reduce the visible 'kinclong' due to oil, but avoid using talcum powder in areas that tend to have facial wrinkles. Instead, the powder can be further confirmed wrinkles if applied too thick, because it will be seen cracks in the crease. Do not use powder in the eye area to avoid a pile of broken powder.
5. Blush, cheek Perona can draw attention to the cheek, try to avoid using blush if you have skin that tends to loose in there area. Use blush on the cheekbones, do not be too close to the nose, applied to the top with a large brush over the cheekbones. Avoid dark colors, like maroon or cinnamon brown. Choose a natural color, like pink and can make the makeup look fresh.
6. Lipstick, As people age, lip line will begin to fade as the skin relaxes, it will be difficult to use lipstick. There was a natural lip lines, lipstick get out of the track, would be better if you use a lipliner that lipstick color is not 'a walk' out of the track. Avoid lipstick color is too light, too dark, or metallic. Choose a natural color, like pink roses. Try changing to a sheer gloss lipstick, lip gloss with the color that is nude, that would make lips look more full.
7. Mascara on the lower eyelid, lower eyelid is located close to the crease at the bottom of the outer eye. If you wear mascara on the lower eyelid, you will look older. Use black mascara to the whites of your eyes look whiter. Try using a mascara that does not clot. Before using mascara, always use the eyelash curler to your lashes look more slender, making a fresh appearance.
8. Eyeliner on the bottom eyelid, eyeliner on bottom lid will make your eyes look smaller and draw attention to dark circles under the eyes. Simply use the upper eyelid, and pull the line slightly upwards at the outer end of the eye (like a cat's eye).
9. Outside sparkling eyeshadow eyelid, Stay away from the sparkling eyeshadow on outer lid, because it will show more wrinkles around the eyes. Just use shimme.

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