Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Be careful, Bathroom Shower Water Under the Dangerous For Health

Bath, body cleaning activities were not fully effective to clean the body from germs. According to scientists, wash your body every day under the shower faucet, bad for health because it can transmit many harmful germs to the face and lungs. Researchers in the United States found that the shower faucet is very dirty can develop a number of bacteria and when the water emanating from the shower faucet, then the bacteria will also be accompanied.
Microbes, which breed naturally in the environment warm and humid will concentrate on the shower faucet 100 times more than normal levels. This can cause a person to experience respiratory symptoms such as tiredness, dry cough and other common illness. Even in their old age and fragile could end up with lung infection.

From the results of the analysis of the 50 taps Shower unknown 9 U.S. cities as much as 30 percent of shower faucets contain mycobacterium avium, which is a group of bacteria that can cause infection of the lungs when inhaled or swallowed. Researchers from the universities of the University of Colorado, Boulder found mycobacterium avium levels 100 times higher than normal water in houses in general.

"If your washing his face when first turned on the shower faucet, it just means you're washing the bacteria mycobacterium avium in charge of many, where the bacteria was not healthy," said the researchers, Professor Norman Pace said in a statement.

According to Norman, the inside of the shower faucet to provide a damp shelter, warm and dark for the bacteria. Water is gushing out of the shower faucet can spread droplets of water which is rich in content that previously germs survive in the air. These germs can then be easily inhaled into the lungs most deeply.

The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is, supports previous studies which revealed that the increased disease lung infection in the world could be due to the use of shower faucets have also increased.

To prevent the outbreak of the bacteria in the body, the researchers suggested that the shower faucet replace once every month. Out of the bathroom just after you turn on the shower is also effective in reducing your chances of inhaling germs that pushed out as the water gushing shower first.


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  3. salam sobat
    wah segarnya mandi pakai shower water,,,selain segar juga menyehatkan ya mba,, .

    selamat idhul fitri 1430 H
    minal aidhin walfaidzin
    maaf lahir batin untuk mba FRANCISCA

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    hmmm baru tau gua..

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  7. but not many people are aware of it :)

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  10. ada baik buruknya mandi dari shower langsung.
    makasih artikelnya.

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