Sunday, 18 October 2009

Keeping Healthy Diet Without Hunger!

Another health info for men that women want a diet. Who says a diet must contain his hunger? Diet
healthy and do not mean to starve. For now there are Ready-to-Eat-Meal is practical and keeps you slim while still eating regularly. How? consider the full info here!
There are five factors that could cause a person to become obese is genetic factors, socio-economic, age, hormonal, and disease. Also food intake and activity is also important things that influence one's weight.
To prevent obesity and weight menurukan often people go on a diet. However, these diets often done the wrong way that could endanger health. So, like whether actual healthy diet?
At the launch of Ready-to-Eat-Meal by Nutrifood on Wednesday, October 14, 2009, also held talk shows about the 'Healthy Diet'. The event is hosted by Susan Bachtiar involves two medical experts that Permadhi Inge, MS, SpGK a nutrition specialist and Susanna, STP, MSc, PDEng as Head of Division Nutrifood Research Center.
"A healthy diet does not mean not eating at all, because each person must meet the balanced nutrition every day. For our diet is only enough to 3J, the amount, type, and schedules. The number here is to reduce the amount of food, type of choosing healthy foods and avoid calorie foods, and eating schedule terartur ie, "light Inge Permadhi, MS, SpGK.
Especially for those who want to make a healthy diet Nutrifood launches 'Ready-to-Eat-Meal' which also is their latest products. What is a Ready-to-Eat-Meal this?
Ready-to-Eat-Meal is the product of frozen food Nutrifood consisting of 9 variants taste of food. The nine variants of these foods include Snapper in stir fried basil and curry paste with rice, Tom yum kung with rice, braised meat ball with steamed vegetables and rice, chicken tofu with steamed vegetables and rice, etc..
"This product is practical for just warmed in the microwave for 5 minutes or steamed and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Calorie control anything that is only 300 calories per serving, so the relatively low compared with ordinary 700-1000 calorie foods," clear Susana, STP, MSc, PDEng.
Special Ready-to-Eat-Meal is good taste of natural and preservative-free course. "We even use a special chef to design menus. So even taste the food remains from berviariasi rice, chicken, fish, and it was still good but not least by serving restaurant," explained Huey Tien Wan, as the General Manager of WRP Diet Center.
Now the products Ready-to-Eat-Meal is available in WRP Diet Center is located at Pacific Place and Grand Indonesia. "The WRP Diet Center also provides professional staff for those who wish to consult the correct diet, because diets of course everyone is different. The Ready-to-Eat-Meal is expected to be a solution to diet without hunger practical, tasty and healthy with nutrition balanced, "said Susana.

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