Friday, 21 August 2009

Easy Steps Caring for Skin Health

When the skin looks pimply face and appear black stains, you certainly try all the way to removed it. But you know, it is a natural form of treatment for the skin problems you face.
Since first epoch, the nation of Egypt has to know the benefits of honey as antibakteri and use it for skin care. One of the ingredients is simple nutritious naturally clean the skin, decrease pore-pore, reduce excess oil, and prevent wrinkling in the face.

4 Follow the steps below to get a facial skin clean and bright >> 1.Make sure you buy 100% pure honey for best results! When buying, see honey label on the bottle carefully before deciding where the honeymoon will be selected.

2.Use a warm towel to wash the entire surface of your face. This aims to open the pore-pore face you. Take a little honey with the tip of your finger, and oleskan in the face. Slowly rubbing honey on your face with circular movements. Make sure both your hands clean when making massage.

3.For best results leave the honey on the face for 10 minutes. That honey can be absorbed into the pore-pore and kill the bacteria.

4.clean your face with warm water, and end with the cold water to close the pore-pore face. Repeat steps 2 - 4 each day, as long as you want the skin of the face clean and bright.


  1. Info yang bermanfaat,sukses selalu ya salam indonesia damai.

  2. Tes..tes.. sy mau coba komen lagi ni.!!
    Oia.. kulit sy udah ancur.. kayaknya butuh banyak langkah sobku yg cantik..?? gak cukup easy step.. hard step ni..

  3. nice post mba,....

    ngikutin a, biar cantik kek mba Sisca,... hehe...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. salam sobat
    siip deh artikelnya
    mau ah ,,biar cantik juga


    saya menjalankan kurang lebih berbulan-bulan.




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